Biking in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Autumn in the mountains. After a long hot summer, there is nothing better than a closer to nature with emotions inspired by the rhythms of changing colors in spectacular Dolomite landscapes, in Italy. Watching the sunrise in the mountains is an unforgettable experience, especially in this period.

Cause mountain is not only skiing and snowboarding. There are lots of activities you can do: walking in the silence of nature, through blushing larch forests and across mountain peaks tinted in hues of red, leaves you with a profound feeling of wellbeing and relaxation that touches your very soul. Allow you rest in the refuge to become a culinary highlight, indulging in all the flavors and fragrances brought on by the season. For adrenaline hunters, the rush of a downhill bike ride, a via ferrata (it is highly recommended to seek the advice of mountain professionals prior to attempting a Via Ferrata for the first time) or a classic climbing route…or even run along a scenic mountain trail, offers that special satisfaction derived from transforming fatigue into pleasure…

Downhill and Bike Park in Cortina d’Ampezzo is the ideal place for all downhill fans, with 4 trails of different lengths and difficulty equipped with trampolines for jumps and technical sections in the woods. Trails range from black, reserved for more experienced riders, to red, where riders can train and have fun developing their skills. Track 1, the most challenging, is 2800 metres long with an average slope of 21% and maximum slope of 70%. The second is the same length, with a slightly higher average gradient (26%) and a maximum gradient of 61 %. The third is 980 metres long with an average slope of 21% and a maximum of 63%.

Cortina is plenty of dedicated routes for who really loves the two wheels, and since winter 2014/2015, two fatbike slopes are open behind Col Gallina lifts, for gravity descents. You cannot miss this thrilling experience!

A night run with dinner at one of the local refuges is a breath-taking experience. Leaving at sunset, to enjoy the last beautiful glimpses of light and appreciating the beauty of the night nature and the light plays formed by the circumstating mountains.

It is also possible to ride a fatbike along the paths and the routes normally used for snowshoeing and walking (but not along the ski slopes and the cross-country skiing tracks), so that the silhouettes of pinnacles, spires and towers, impressive and unmistakable Dolomite shapes, carved into the brilliant blue sky, become a perfect background for your ride.

During the winter you can also reinvent your MTB with K-track: a special kit which can be used to transform any mountain bike into a special snow bike, letting you tackle snow-covered slopes.

In Cortina, the Kite4freedom school introduces novices to this new sport, which at long last provides a bit of winter fun for mountain bike fans, no longer forced to leave their bikes stored in the garage for the duration of the winter. The best places for practicing k-track are those areas at the edge of slopes, where the snow is less compacted.

Biking in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

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