Costa Concordia and the practice of near-shore salute

Costa Cruises chief executive Pier Luigi Foschi distanced the company from the practice of near-shore salutes (making a bow), also termed as “tourist navigation”. Costa has suspended Captain Schettino and declared itself an injured party in the tragic cruise ship sinking. Foschi added this was always performed safely and he denied that the company knew the Concordia would be going so close: “I can’t rule out that individual captains, without informing us, may have set a course closer to land. However I can rule out ever having known that they may have done it unsafely. Personally, I think he wasn’t honest with us.”

Enrico Scerni, former president of the RINA (a company created by Registro Italiano Navale, a private body founded in Genova in 1861 by a number of economic concerns involved in the maritime transport sector), suggested in a newspaper interview that it was difficult to believe that Costa Cruises was unaware that captains often went close to Giglio to “salute” the island and give passengers a closer view.
RINA is one of the founding members of IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) and actively participates in technical, research and rule-making groups in different institutional contexts at national and international level.
Scerni resigned from his position soon afterwards and RINA issued a statement saying that the routes specified by Costa “conformed with all criteria of good navigation.”

Investigators say the captain of the Costa Concordia Francesco Schettino steered the ship too close to the Tuscan island of Giglio, apparently while performing a manoeuvre known as a “salute or bow” which took it within 150 metres of the shore.

Francesco Schettino’s lawyer Bruno Leporatti denied that his client had delayed before reporting the accident to the company and Costa Cruise were informed about the usual practice of  “near-shore salute” or “tourist navigation”, also operated to promote the brand Costa.
It also seems that the manouvre close to Island of Giglio,was in response to a salute made by Massimo Callisto Garbarino (senior officer in Costa Cruise) captain of the Costa Luminosa, formerly captain of the Costa Concordia.



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  • February 14, 2012 at 1:07 am

    from Indymedia portal

    RINA – Costa Concordia: small straw and the beam of wood
    You know the parable of the “small straw and the beam of wood”?
    Surreal meeting of the Certification Committee and the Committee for the Safeguarding of impartiality (???) of Italian Naval Registry: “that of Costa Concordia … is an event … incident”.
    “In conclusion, all members of the Technical Committees respondents (Quality, Environment, Safety and Ethics) believe that, based on the information provided, actions by RINA, following the accident occurred at the M / V Costa Concordia, regarding the Certification of Management System issued to Costa Cruises are adequate and that, certification awarded to the organization, are believed to be correct as supported by evidence showing the effectiveness of management systems implemented. In addition, to our knowledge, there was no evidence of any failure in the management system applied by Costa Cruises. These conclusions will be presented at the next Committee for the Safeguarding of impartiality to be held on February 3, 2012 c / o General Directorate of RINA …”.
    Boh we have not understood anything. Or maybe you. Actually, no. This, however, the current situation that you like it or not. However there are “evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of management systems implemented”. Where exactly are these findings is unknown, but it is possible that the divers find some trace of them over there to the sea near the disappeared that are still missing and the wreck of the Costa Concordia. Meanwhile, Rina in full force, pontifex maximus, big visir super partes every thing that moves upon the waters, concurring in unison shouts his truth, and verbalizes this black on white: in the naval disaster naval everything worked to perfection, Costa Crociere has complied with all rules of conduct, to this exemplary company must absolutely reconfirm all certifications, largely deserved. What then of the Costa Concordia, is clear, well put it all in your head, must have been just an unfortunate event/incident. And ‘well resolved, with these simple words the’ event/incident in the Memorandum of Rina Service – operating company of Rina Group – (that you can find here attached and reproduced pdf) and the Certification Committee and the Committee for the Safeguarding of impartiality of the RINA. That Rina is a serious company that no doubt, God forbid. He contributed to the growth of Italy (also from the point of view of shame). Recently, the Rina Group was also named society more Impartial / free / independent and above all credible of all time by an organization he founded (Rina Service just). Not wanting to be disrespectful at all costs but it’s name (Committee for the Safeguarding of impartiality) some reasonings have almost the taste of the comic and certain reasonings have almost taste of the comic “supercazzola”. You know not what “supercazzola”? How to explain it … “the supercazzola is that ancient Tantric art of disorientation and culeggio against teachers, authorities and/or simple citizens that is to put bullshit in words that do not exist, but the appearance of being refined and wise words . … the Supercazzola finds its perfect for use mainly in difficult situations and/or embarrassing … Also can be used even in critical situations” (from Nonciclopedia, the italian version of anti-Wikipedia). Practical example of Supercazzola: « We do not open without the key that opens with the key that opens it and find out what purpose it would remain closed , we are not having the above-mentioned key that would open if we had?» (master Jack Sparrow). As Socrates said: ” I know I do not know, because knowing is not knowing and not knowing is knowing … but I would at least know what the hell I said! “.The greatest power of these genial figures is that can talk for hours without saying anything, call it even “powe of blà blà”. In fact, for what then many wonder: Who knows what did he mean?
    That’s it. It ‘the same question that have made those of Accredia (Accreditation Society for schemas ISO and OHSAS) when they heard some startling arguments of Rina. Indeed Accredia has sent to the Italian Naval Register the 12 January 2012 an urgent request for clarification on the certification that Rina has awarded Costa Crociere for management system for the Health and Safety in the workplace, saying: “…We ask that you keep us informed about the position that your company intends to maintain against the certificate issued, having received the opinion of your Committee for the Safeguarding of impartiality ……”.
    Rina at this point, of necessity, was obliged to consult the company Costa Crociere revealing the doubts of Accredia (not his doubts): “…we kindly ask you to provide a first assessment of your event and a brief description of the actions that your company has taken or intends to undertake as part of the management system applied”.
    Here is the telegraphic reply that he sent Costa Armatori: “Huston … we have a problem. The situation is dramatic but not serious …”. There is not a lapsus, more or less, is what he said Pierluigi Foschi to Micky Arison when the American millionaire asked if with the sinking of the Concordia were all with shit up to their necks (Arison is the CEO of Carnival Cruise the company that owns Costa Cruises”). Indeed Foschi Rina has responded to so much more aseptic and stereotypical: “we are making every effort … and we are providing full cooperation to all Authority …”.
    Say what you want, but that everything has worked well is obvious. Beginning with the commander who has lost precious time (some say it has put more than 1 hour to process the tragedy that you were doing… okay .but each has its problem). Perhaps there was also a bit of chaos on the bridge and no one giving orders (all right thencruise passengers and crew abandoned the wreck of his own initiative with lifeboats using the few usable (all right thenthe order to “abandon ship” was given when the danger was now more than overt, perhaps too late to avoid that someone died (all right then? But Schettino has not abandoned the ship, after you hit your head is tripped and was miraculously found inside the rescue boat with many passengers). Schettino is a brave officer, many people can confirm this, we do not say lies. Here you can see the image of a young Francesco Schettino during the exam to become commander of Costa Cruises and here a fotogafia of master Schettino while directing relief operations. Among the other to honor the courage of Schettino, Findus is planning to launch a new line of frozen products, the “Four jumps in boat” of Captain Schettino (specialty “spaghetti to the rock”). The fault he is just of the evil day. On January 13, 2012 (Friday the 13th that bad luck). Master Schettino has become the sacrificial victim of an unjust bad luck that has forever sullied his pure heart. Then near the island of Giglio these mocking rocks that were in the wrong place at the wrong time, have struck from behind by treachery the poor Costa Concordia that has borne the brunt (… but someone could not move the rocks in time?). While Francesco Schettino attempted a daring maneuver by pulling the handbrake, officers he are immediately realized, unnecessarily worried about of the confusion of many. There is no confirmation convergent and / or consistent as stated on. The following is the prompt telephone communication of the commander during the organization of rescue (you are aware that the media to misinform reporting distorted versions of the phone calls, that there seems to be more responsive to the truth is that the transcript reported by the authoritative site Nonciclopedia
    Sailor : “Captain, We have come up against something! The ship is taking on water”
    Master Schettino : “give Immediate the following orders: turn to starboard and set fire to the powder”.
    a random person: “But I’m the cook”.
    Master Schettino : “On deck, the boatswain, we need everyone the men possible! I had not seen a storm like this up from winter of ’77!”
    The call to Costa Cruises: after seeking an explanation from the seaman lookout and after finishing the game at the naval battle, the commander has decided to notify the Costa Cruises, providing detailed information.

    Master Schettino : “Hello? Who is it? The Costa Cruises?”
    Operator : “No, is MSC Crociere, she has the wrong number”.
    Comandante Schettino : “Really?”
    Operator : “No, I was joking. Tell me. Want to book a cruise?”
    Master Schettino : “No, I do not want to book! I am already on a cruise! ”
    Operator : “Ah, she wants to terminate?”
    Master Schettino : “No, sorry, I’m the commander Schettino. I need to speak with a top manager”.
    Operator : “Ah, She is the captain! Why did not immediately said to me? A moment that now can do talk with to the President ”.
    President Foschi: : Master, Good evening. tell me”.
    Master Schettino : “Emh, Good evening Mr. President…”
    President Foschi: “What’s up? tell me”.
    Master Schettino : “Ehm, that is … let’s say that … we assume the case that someone have scratched the your car, how would you?”
    President Foschi: “have scratched my car? But damn! That’s awful!”
    Master Schettino : “Ah, I have good news then President: no one has scratched his car”.
    President Foschi: “Yes, but I would like to know: she called me to tell me that no one has scratched my car? How goes the trip? All right? ”
    Master Schettino : “Mah, say … watch President, I was walking, right? I was walking up, I went along slowly, and someone came down on me.”
    President Foschi: “They have crossed the road before her? Who? “
    Master Schettino : “a motorcycle!”
    President Foschi: “A motorcycle he swerved in front of her in open sea?”
    Master Schettino : “No, maybe it was a water scooter, what’s his name? A speedboat, here!”
    President Foschi: “But she is on a ship 114,000 tons, what do you want that to be a speedboat?”
    Master Schettino : “Yes, no, I know, President, is that I do to avoid it I turned the cloche and … and I think that I hit the sidewalk”.
    President Foschi: “… In the open sea? But what is she saying??”
    Master Schettino : “Eh, I know, it’s hard to explain. But now I’m going to take a rescue boat and see what happens”.
    President Foschi: “Wait a minute, here they all tell me to turn on the television”.
    Master Schettino : “But please she do not turn on the television. I say for you, the television news give only all bad news. The crisis, strikes, a person then she demoralizes … listen to me, do not turn on the television”.
    President Foschi: “… “
    Master Schettino : “hello?”
    President Foschi: “Master … but the ship tilted to one side is our Concordia, right??”
    Master Schettino : “No, no, si guarda meglio in tv che forse ora stanno dando Titanic con Di Caprio … Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu”.

    The Costa Family boasted of owning a company saying that was all Italian, ostentation of the better Made in Italy in the world. Instead, Costa Cruises is all of the Americans of Carnival; the staff of the vessels is usually composed of a Indian waiter, a Turkish receptionist, the Indonesian cook, Cuban comedian, Polish maitr, and employees who clean the rooms of the ship who speak Armenian tightly. If you want a coffee or a cocktail at the bar is necessary to prepare the complete dictionary of all languages and dialects of the world.
    Well, you have certainly realized that we were joking. Just as some do when they write their incredible relationships to safeguard impartiality, perhaps thinking that they can count on the fact that Italians are a bunch of puppets without any critical capacity. But at least we say when we want to make idiots. Rina instead is taken it seriously and also wants to make believe this to everyone. But Rina is Rina, and he does not need evidence or to wait some confirmation, to support his risky thesis. And if you think about it, after all, a modest hint of self-criticism did. With the typical intellectual honesty and moral rigor that distinguishes it, Rina in fact, if you read carefully (but with much attention) has made some veiled admission. In fact, the report of Rina Service says that “by members of the CTS is asked instead, in the surveillance visit, of increase the time devoted to the verification of educational activities and training and a careful analysis of the efficacy assessment of the same …”.
    Very good. Yes, would be very useful that Rina to devote more time to training staff on board of cruise ships, particularly with regard to training for activities related to safety and to the rescue. Since in cases of “event / incident” none of the crew – from the commander to the last non-commissioned officers – ha was very clear about what to do and what his role. After so much bad news there is also a positive note we give willingly. We point out that Rina printing periodically produces volumes that discoursing on security issues. Authentic literary bestsellers that fill with joy the experts of the sector (this for those who would insinuate that Rina is distracted on some sensitive issues). The distribution of this editorial material of Rina for the truth follow of the phases fluctuating. Market analysts have noted, however, a strong positive correlation with the request of doorstops (when increases demand of doorstops, increases accordingly the distribution of pamphlets Rina). Others say instead that these brochures are great for starting the fire, and swatting mosquitoes. In this way, however, it cheapens an immense wealth of scientific knowledge. Perhaps not everyone knows that Rina has advanced innovative hypotheses about the dating of ships (for see the age of the ships cut into two the hull and you count the circles) but since Rina often arises with the arrogance of someone who has learned almost everything at the last minute on the Reader Digest or the School of Turin Radio Elettra, the international scientific community has not recognized the validity of his studies.
    Okay, but all this has not bearing on the Parable of the ” small straw and the beam of wood “. If you look closely there is a relationship. The managing director of Rina, Mr. Ugo Salerno, a man of The managing director of Rina, Mr. Ugo Salerno, a man of coerence multiform, writing a few days ago to Pierluigi Foschi of Costa Crociere, addition to saying things not-abominable (The Crusca’s Accademy wanted to sue him for to have obliged the Italian language to heinous abuse) has developed discursive expressions a very unhappy towards the friend / manager Enrico Scerni (used obviously in good faith to defend the beloved Enrico): “Faced with the victims of the criminal unconsciousness Scerni perhaps behaved in a superficial mode, but his behavior is totally unacceptable …”. Gianni Scerni As you all know well is the former President of Rina repudiated (and torpedoed) by the classification society. Guess who took his place as President? Astute readers who are, perhaps you already know. Himself. Mr Ugo Salerno. A man who has never been clear about his turbulent past, and this leads us to hypothesize that he has brought with him obscure and arcane stories , an enigmatic past in which are also present two characters – transmigrated like also Salerno – from Coeclerici to Rina: Mr Roberto Cavanna (Managing Director of Rina Service and responsible for certification of Rina Spa) and Mario Terenzio (Dir. Logmarin company owned by Rina). The most reliable theories say it’s been several times (not unfairly) accused of to have spied a competitor companies and wrote confidential reports sent to his boss. Salerno has always defended himself saying that okay, yes, of some hundreds of top secret documents specifically there is his name, but other than the identical signature, the same date of birth, the same address, and the same number of document, there is no evidence to think of something more than an ordinary and trivial case of coincidence.
    Just nonsense, now we do some serious thinking: but errors of Rina nobody watches them? You know that Rina is involved prosecutions rather importants? The worst environmental disasters in maritime history contemporary and some of the most unfortunate shipwrecks in recent years (with thousands of deaths). On this we just can not do any humor, there is nothing to laugh about, indeed. We find ourselves again in front of victims of the criminal unconsciousness. That said, perhaps you understand why we say that Rina looks at the speck in others but does not notice the beam huge – as big as a ship – who has in his eye. Never words of fellow Bethlehem it was most appropriate: “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to see the beam of wood in your own? … hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye and then shalt thou see clearly to remove the speck from your brother” (Jesus in Luke the Evangelist 6:41-42). This explains why some have the solutions to an inch from my eyes – because it is written there before them in gigantic characters – but they can not see them, because they have the clogged eyeballs. But at the same time they can see very well the small faults of others. They speak well and behave badly. They are like the false guides who want to do the masters for teach others but they themselves have to learn.
    In these days when everyone was wondering about the possible causes of the disaster of the Costa Concordia almost no one has mentioned (only Norwegian newspaper Lloyd’s List) that the Italian Naval Register – that does the moral to Gianni Scerni – Rina is in waiting for the legal developments that relate to the sinking of the ferry Al Salam Boccaccio 98, and his ill-fated budget of 1000 deaths. 1000 died waiting for truth and justice. After this tragedy (and many other that has been heavily involved Rina) we can easily do copy-paste the words uttered by Salerno in reference to Schettino and also we can say the same words to the Rina: “the reputation of our country and its navy has been hurt by the incredible irresponsibility of a society that will make history with the stigma of shame and of the contempt … “.
    Rina then (very very relapsed) is again among the defendants accused of serious negligence. Just for a change. When we speak of Rina knows why there is always this specter that hovers in the air: the negligence. The Italian Register of Shipping has not yet begun to pay 192 million euros to pay for the judgment in relation to the sinking of the tanker Erika, which already has to deal with another billionaire compensation for these poor victims 1000. Perhaps it is no accident that the law firm that sponsored the class action of the familiars of missing the ferry Al Salam Boccaccio 98 (The lawyer Ambrosio & Commodo of Turin) decided to protect the interests of several of the sinking of the Costa Concordia cruise.
    Want to see that the law firm can be believes that “… this event was not an accident”?
    But beware. In a short time we can have some surprises. Perhaps we can suffer his vengeance. Rina (as Ugo Salerno wrote in the letter to Foschi) is willing to defend its position “at any cost” (and possibly also by any means without going too picky). So be very careful. And you do not be fooled by whitewashed tombs (those very beautiful outside but a bit dirty inside). As well as wolves in sheep’s cloak. That then are false prophets. They are the ones who want to teach others and themselves have to learn.
    From Corsica Street (Genoa), the headquarters of Rina (and probably one of the vertices of the Triangle – Scalene – of the Bermuda) that’s all for now. We feel the next news. Rina’s nger permitting.
    .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.
    Doc. pdf. all.: “Comitato_Certificazione_Rina_Costa_Crociere”
    .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.- .-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.

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