Costa Concordia: search of missing people suspended again after the cruise ship shifts

costa-concordia-removed-in-10-monthsThe search of the capsized Costa Concordia is suspended after the cruise ship shifts, amid fears it might slide into deeper water. The vessel had moved one inch and half (four centimetres) over six hours, coupled with waves of more than three feet (one metre), despite of medium shift of 2-3 millimeters per hour during last days. The officer in charge for this emergency, Franco Gabrielli, head of Italian civil protection, told briefly “Now we have a single, big goal, and that is that this does not translate into an environmental disaster.”
It will take 7 to 10 months to remove the vessel. University of Florence professor Riccardo Fanti said Costa Concordia’s movements could either be caused by the natural ship settling on its own weight, slipping deeper into the seabed, or both. He also could not rule out the ship’s sliding along the seabed.

Officials called off the start of operations to remove of 500,000 gallons of fuel from the ship’s tanks until at least Tuesday due to weather conditions. The operation was expected to start on Saturday. Experts have said it would take 28 days to remove fuel from 15 tanks accounting for more than 80 per cent of all fuel on board the Costa Concordia. The next job would be to target the engine room, which contains nearly 350 cubic metres of diesel, fuel and other lubricants, Franco Gabrielli added.

DEAD PEOPLE (17) – Maria D’Introno, Italy, 30 anni; Sandor Feher, Hungary 38, crew; Horst Galle, Germany; Jeanne Gannard, France; Pierre Gregoire, France; Gabriele Grube, Germany; Guillermo Gual, Spain, 68; Egon Hoer, Germany; Giovanni Masia, Italy, 85; Thomas Alberto Costilla Mendoza, Peru, crew; Jean-Pierre Micheaud, France, 61; Erika Fani Soria Molina, Perù, 25, crew; Inge Schall, Germany Francis Servil, France, 71; Luisa Antonia Virzì, Italy, 50; Josef Werp, Germany.

MISSING PEOPLE (16) included a body not yet identified – Dayana e Williams Arlotti, Italy; Elisabeth Bauer, Germany; Michael M. Blemand, France; Christina Mathi e Norbert Josef Ganz, Germany; Giuseppe Girolamo, Italy, crew; Barbara e Gerald Heil, Stati Uniti; Mylene Litzler, France; Margarethe Neth, Germany; Russel Terence Rebello, India, crew; Margrit Schroeter, Germany; Siglinde Stumpf, Germany; Maria Grazia Trecarico, Italy; Brunhild Werp, Germany.
Gabrielli despite efforts to obtain DNA samples from all of the missing, meaning that officials cannot preclude that the deceased is someone unknown to authorities.
Costa has said that it runs strict procedures that would preclude the presence of any unregistered passengers.

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