Desert Picture

Tribes living into a desert environment are:

  • The Tuareg in the Sahara
  • The Bedouin in the Sahara
  • The Bushmen of the Kalahari
  • The American Indians
  • Peoples of the desert corridor of Asia


There are three recognized classes of nomadism, living into the desert: pastoralists, hunter-gatherers and traders.

Pastoralists move from place to place depending on the needs of their domesticated stock (usually sheep, goats or camels). Their targets are places with prolonged and predictable grass supply for their stock. Some of them may also hunt or trade when they get a chance while others may cultivate an area near where they settle and grow cereal crops.

Hunter-gatherers move daily, monthly or semi-annually as small, independent tribes within the area in which they know where are the waterholes, important trees, patches of smaller food plants and potential food animals.

Traders are mobile merchants with trains of pack animals (camels, asses, mules or yaks with them). They usually provide town people with goods produced on one side of the desert.

to live into the desert, people must adapt to the environment

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