Ferry of the shipping company Tirrenia against a dock in Civitavecchia

ferry-tirrenia-sharden-collision-dock Night of fear for the 262 passengers and 53 crew members going from Civitavecchia (the same harbour where Costa Concordia, started the last cruise from, before sinking close to Isola del Giglio) to Olbia on board of the ferry “Sharden”, owned by Tirrenia di Navigazione, a shipping company, which operates a fleet of 23 vessels on internal Italian routes and to Albania.

All the passengers and the crew members are ok. The causes of the collision against the dock are still unknown, but it is likely that the bad weather and the wind guts exceeding 30 knots played a decisive role.

ferry-tirrenia-sharden-collision-civitavecchiaAfter leaving Civitavecchia’s harbour after midnight, the ferry “Sharden” (built by Fincantieri, Italy in 2005) hit a protrusion of the dock, close to the green light. The crash opened a 30 meter long gash above the vessel’s waterline. The immediate intervention of the Coast Guard, coordinating the efforts of two tugs, allowed the ferry to safely return to the dock. 50 of them, traveling without a car, departed at dawn on board of another ferry of the Tirrenia di Navigazione, the “Scintu”, in order to get to Olbia with just one day of delay. Another ferry of Tirrenia di Navigazione is serving the remaining 212 passengers crossing with a vehicle. The passengers are already on board of a second Tirrenia ferry, the “Nomentana”, but are waiting for the proper positioning of the “Sharden”, in order to unload cars and trucks and reload them on the “Nomentana”.

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