Final Hours of Costa Concordia

Chronology of the sinking of the Costa Concordia:

  • 9:45 p.m. Italian time (GMT + 1), January 13rd: Costa Concordia strikes rocks.
  • 10:03: Police tell Italian coast guard they have received passenger complaints.
  • 10:05: Costa Concordia’s command tells ship’s operator, Costa Crociere, that ship is dealing with unidentified ’emergency.’
  • 10:14: Coast guard contacts Costa Concordia, is told the vessel had suffered a power outage.
  • 10:48: Coast guard is told an evacuation is being ‘evaluated.’
  • 10:58: Costa Concordia sounds onboard evacuation alarm.
  • 12:42 a.m., January 14th: Captain Schettino , in lifeboat, is phoned by coast guard officer, captain Gregorio De Falco, and ordered go back “vada a bordo, cazzo!”.
  • 1:46: Coast guard again calls captain and orders him to board the ship so he can give an inventory of passengers.

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