How do I become A Home Based Travel Agent? (FAQ)

How do I Become a Home Based Travel Agent
The key to your success as a home based travel agent is to become affiliated with a successful and established travel agency. By finding a reputuble and secure travel agency, and enrolling as a home based agent, you become an outside sales representative for the agency. You are given the tools to become a travel agent instantly. Your host agency will provide you with the tools and resources you need to successfully begin your career as a travel agent. You then find customers and start booking their travel requests online with airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and cruise and tour providers. The travel agency issues the ticket. You earn a commission split as the outside travel agent. It’s that simple.

I want to become a travel agent, but will an agency be willing to take me on if I have no training?
Many agencies will not take on untrained agents or outside sales representatives. But there are many agencies that believe that the key to success in the age of online travel bookings and the growth of the internet travel business, the only way to really thrive is to embrace the philosophy of the home based business opportunity and the home based travel agent. If you have ever used a website to book a travel reservation, or simply know how to browse the internet and complete simple online forms, you are ready to gets started. And the level of learning you decide to pursue as a home based travel agent is entirely up to you. You can start as simply as a home based agent referring friends and family to your site, to becoming a full blown expert in any of a number of areas of the travel business, getting agency leads on cruises, tours, and general travel that you close and for which you earn the commission.

Where do I find a reputable agency to take me on as an outside rep?
Start right here. Even if you don’t choose the agency we recommend, we give you a list of several home based agency resources and help you make a decision that fits your needs and goals as a home based agent.

What will it cost me to get started?
There are agencies offering individuals all the tools they need for anywhere from free, to $5000 or more. Most of the free sites are simple collections of online affiliate programs that you could join individually. These sites usually pay about $3.00 per booking, of which the “agency” (usually not an agency at all) will keep a hefty percentage. At the other end are high price agency programs that may or may not be more targeted toward selling the business opportunity that toward your actual success as a travel agent. Then in the middle are the actual agencies looking for progressive growth in the internet market, and charging a small setup fee to filter the serious home based agents from the random business opportunity seekers with no real desire to participate in the travel industry. At the minimum, for your startup fee, you should receive all the online tools you need to get started immediately, plus access to training tools and other materials you will need to succeed as a home based travel agent.

How much money can I earn as a Home Based Travel Agent?
Commission splits will vary, but you should expect to earn between 50% to 60% of the agency commission. Even better is the situation that allows you to build in your own commission for your online bookings (only one agency we know of offers that to their outside travel agents).

The travel products you are selling to your clients also affect your commission. Commission for domestic airfare packages is usually based just on any service fees that may be charged to the customer. Crusies, Tours, and in particular Dynamic Packaging that allows you to group air, car and hotel bookings into one easy package for your clients allow you the ability to earn excellent commissions on every booking. Plus, by selling cruises, tours, and resort packages can earn you $200 to $500 in commissions for every sale you make.


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