Illustrated guide to Italian body language and Neapolitan gestures..

Illustrated guide to Italian body language and Neapolitan gestures..When landing in Italy, you might think you’ve wandered onto the set of a Fellini or Benigni movie. People everywhere gesticulate wildly and – getting closer to them – you’ll observe they’re punctuating a conversation, probably on their “telefonini” (mo bile phones) with hand gestures. Italian people use body language and hand gestures to punctuate an expression; so when speaking with Italians and they indicate or gesture, do not feel attacked..

Here are some of the most common gestures in Italy, but be aware that, like dialects, certain gestures can mean different things within different regions; also know, that the more you are going to the South, the more you will find people gesticulating.

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Be also aware that certain gestures can have completely different interpretations in other cultures; be sure about what are you doing or interpretating, otherwise a potentially embarrassing situation could develop.

Hand signals are a language onto themselves; for instance, the sign language or also the the hand signals to communicate among commodities brokers on the floor of the stock exchange or among referees, players and managers during a baseball match.

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