Italian Language Lessons: differences between “Piacere” e “Amare”

Piacere – To Like

(person: as friend)
I like him. He seems like a good guy.
Mi piace. Sembra un bravo ragazzo.

(person: romantically)
He really likes her a lot.
Lei gli piace un sacco.

Do you like pizza?
Ti piace la pizza?

Italian course on line: differences between "Piacere" e "Amare"
Amare – To Love

(romantic affection)
You can tell that she loves her boyfriend by the look on her face.
Si vede che ama il suo ragazzo dallo sguardo sul suo viso.

(feel affection for sb) in that case in Italian it is used “volere bene a”
Of course I love my mother.
Certo che voglio bene a mia madre.

(feel affection for sthg) in that case in Italian it is used “adorare” “piacere (molto)”
I love basketball.
Mi piace la pallacanestro.
Adoro la pallacanestro.

You can also use “Amo la pallacanestro” if basketball is your favourite sport, but you can’t use for something you just like. And if you are making a question you should use the verb “to like”, cause you cannot suppose that the person you are talking to, “loves” something.

Do you like basketball?
Ti piace la pallacanestro?

Yes I Do.
I do like it.
Mi piace molto
I love it.
La amo / la adoro.

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