Marketing tips for your summer

To get the most out of your marketing strategy, commit to a consistent effort. Outline a plan up front and stick with it. You can always adjust the tactics based on your results, but don’t give up! A single press release or an email or two is not enough to judge the success of a strategy.

Boost Performance with Split Testing

Remove the guesswork from what your customers want by split testing. Test one element at a time – for example, test the time of day you send e-newsletters or try different opt-in forms or calls to action on your website. Simple tests like this can help improve user engagement and lead to more conversions.

Turn Up the Heat This Summer

Summer doesn’t have to be hazy for small business owners. Turn up the heat on your marketing by using the time to grow your email list, test drive a hot new social media platform like Instagram or Vine, or create and promote a summer deal. You’ll have a better chance of reaching new customers, engaging current ones, and have fun doing it.

Build Your Market Before You Launch

Launching a new product or service? Start building an interest list before it is brought to market. Make these prospects part of the process by providing updates, sharing progress and soliciting feedback along the way. When you launch you’ll have a built-in market that is already invested in the product or service.

To Deliver Great Service, Start Internally

Great customer service starts internally. Create a company culture of pride with fair compensation, good training, honesty, and respect. The values you teach are those your associates will put into practice to deliver quality service.

Save Big with ACH

Accept ACH payments for a cost-effective payment processing option. These easy-to-use electronic transfers are often the lowest cost option for collecting payments. Plus, they have a low rate of disputed charges – saving your business time and money. ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. Using ACH payments can help reduce errors, speed things up, and save resources. Because they’re electronic, ACH payments use fewer resources (paper, ink, fuel to transport checks, etc). In addition, ACH payments make it easier to keep track of finances. Instead of generic check information on a bank statement, you see the other party’s name if you’ve used an ACH payment. Then it’s easier to categorize the transaction with your financial software.

Marketing Tips for your Travel Agency

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