.travel Registry Policies: eligibility

The .travel TLD is intended to serve the global travel community. .travel is restricted to people, organizations, associations, and private, governmental and nongovernmental agencies in the travel and tourism industry. The registrants are not limited to, but may fall within, the industry types set out in the table below, which is provided only as a list of illustrative categories and types, and not as a restriction of the general eligibility requirement.
The Registry may establish stricter requirements for registrants by published policy statement. The Registry may extend the list of industry types from time to time by published policy statement, provided that any such extension is consistent with the travel community’s perceptions about the prevailing scope of the community as evidenced by the support of such extension by the travel industry as communicated to TTPC and the Registry through its policy outreach procedures.
a. Airlines
b. Attractions/Theme Parks
c. Bed & Breakfast Houses
d. Bus/Taxi/Limousine Operators
e. Camp Facility Operators
f. Car Rental Companies/Airport Specialty Car Park Companies
g. Computer Reservation/Travel Technology Provider
h. Convention & Visitor’s Bureaus
i. Cruise Lines
j. Ferries
k. Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
l. National Tourism Offices
m. Passenger Rail Lines
n. Restaurants
o. Tour Operators
p. Travel Agents
q. Travel Media
r. Travel-Consumer and Market Research Organizations
The Registry may amend, clarify, extend or re-enumerate the industry sectors identified above, provided that such changes are within the scope of the requirement set out in item 1.1, above. In such event the Registry will promptly make such changes public in the manner contemplated in its agreement with ICANN.

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