Workforce Management Coordinator Job (Hong Kong, HONG KONG, HK)

Travel Job Offer by American Express: Workforce Management Coordinator Job (Hong Kong, HONG KONG, HK)

Since American Express first entered the travel business in 1915, their Consumer Travel Network has grown to one of the world’s largest travel networks.

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The Workforce Management team is a highly integrated group responsible for the optimum performance of the Global Business Travel contact channels. The Workforce Management Coordinator is responsible for the execution of Business Travel Workforce Management strategies. This group encompasses the broad areas of forecasting, scheduling, real-time management, and crisis management and proactive performance management of the wider Contact Centres performance. The key objective of the Workforce Management coordinator is to ensure that we optimise Consumer Call Centre Performance under all circumstances. The Workforce Management Coordinator will be responsible for forecasting Business Travel workload with a high degree of accuracy and be involved in staff planning and scheduling to deliver optimal business outcomes on staff utilisation and service level.

The Workforce Management Coordinator is responsible for the preparation and monitoring of the real-time behaviour of customers and staff, identifying any changes or abnormalities in calling patterns or ineffective use of resources, and where appropriate initiating changes to work practices and mitigation activities that will enable improved service performance with the available resources, or identify options for additional resources. The position is also responsible for appropriate communication to the business to ensure that all levels of management are kept informed of relevant activities which impact Service Performance in each of the GBT Contact Centres.

The Workforce Management Coordinator will provide operations business managers and team leaders with tactical and strategic reporting, analysis and decision support to drive achievement against service level, staffing and Cost per Transaction (CPT) goals. The Workforce Management Coordinator has tactical responsibility for the workforce management function and initiatives to maximize the ability of the Business Travel department to achieve service and efficiency objectives.

These critical objectives are achieved through the execution of workload forecasting, resource planning and scheduling, agent productivity measurement and telephony setup. This position is a vital link to the service level delivery as it relates to the Business Travel Customer Service Center’s incoming and outgoing calls. This position is responsible for providing real-time monitoring, decision-making, and system data for optimal call flow management and employee staffing.

This position assists with the long range planning and on-going analysis of real-time performance and the determination of alternative plans when necessary. The Workforce Management Coordinator’s principle accountabilities are:

1. Forecasting Workload

* Own and develop short-term forecasting practices (Call Volumes, Call Distributions and Average Handling Times) to improve accuracy and predictability of the operating environment, ensuring the inclusion of internal and external impacts.
* Analyze and maintain current & historical call centre data pertinent to staffing requirements and forecasting, including ad-hoc and on-going analysis for our customers

2. Scheduling resources

* Generate the most cost-effective rosters possible to ensure maximum efficiency and to meet service performance requirements with considerations for fair and appropriate staff working arrangements.
* Work with Team Leaders and Supervisors to ensure flexibility and availability of staff lead to the most efficient schedule outcomes.

3. Agent Productivity

* Manage real-time events as required by the business including ad-hoc and crisis event activities such centre evacuations, unplanned impacts and staff shortages to minimise impacts to service performance.
* Ensure real-time deductions of staff in each centre are identified and input into workforce system appropriately and promptly to ensure accurate predictions of service performance are available and develop mechanism for reporting back to the business on the effectiveness of Service Level management.

4. Telephony

* Maintain Avaya CMS dictionary and setup for VDNs, Skills and Agents to ensure accurate definition and statistical measurement
* Maintain documentation on the telephony setup of the centre
* Coordinate with stakeholders and manage the process of moves, adds and changes to telephony setup for the centre
* Identify opportunities to consolidate and simplify the telephony setup
* Coordinate with support teams to ensure requests are completed within acceptable timeframes and escalate exceptions to the National Workforce Planner
* Act as first level support for Business Travel telephony users and associated systems
* Coordinate with support teams and external suppliers to troubleshoot and have faults rectified
* Assist, develop & deploy Business Continuation Plans when necessary

5. Team

* Assist the Team Leader in co-ordination of team workload, managing attendance and meetings.
* Organise and chair Team Meetings when required.
* Operate within the Workforce Management team to ensure consistent and best practices processes across all areas of responsibility


* One to three years leadership experience (related to service level management), in a call centre environment.
* Knowledge and experience in automated staff planning and various Workforce Management theories and principles
* Knowledge of Telecommunications hardware and software.
* Analytical ability to prepare and review all reports by ACD and IEX systems.
* Strong organizational skills.
* Strong oral and written communication skills.
* Strong PC skills (i.e., Excel, Windows, Access, etc.)
* Problem solving and decision-making skills.
* Ability to manage multiple tasks.
* Ability to meet deadlines.
* Ability to establish plans and follow through to timely completion.
* Ability to write and speak very well in English and Cantanose is a plus

Job: Travel
Primary Location: Hong Kong-Hong Kong-Hong Kong
Schedule: Full-time

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